Convert Flash files(.SWF) to HTML5 Using Google Swiffy

Google Swiffy is a new service by google which can convert any Flash file(.SWF ) to Browser firendly HTML5 compatible with all webkit-based browsers (Safari, Chrome…), including iPhone and iPad, no Flash.

Google Swify Demo

Google Swiffy is a project of GoogleLabs and you can access it from <here.>

Swiffy converts Flash SWF files to HTML5, allowing you to reuse Flash content on devices without a Flash player (such as iPhones and iPads).
Swiffy currently supports a subset of SWF 8 and ActionScript 2.0, and the output works in all Webkit browsers such as Chrome and Mobile Safari. If possible, exporting your Flash animation as a SWF 5 file might give better results.
For better understanding the following gallery will help you out in live conversion of Google Swiffy.


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  1. ConvertMyFlash
    June 29, 2011 at 8:28 pm #


    This is not the silver bullet for Flash Site owners.

    It will NOT convert your flash site into a mobile-friendly HTML5 version.

    It will ONLY convert old flash animations and banners made years ago using AS2.

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    We can FULLY CONVERT your FLASH site into HTML5 ( powered by WordPress ) just 72hrs.

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