iOS Beta 7 Firmware Updates Available [Download Links]

Apple just released the iOS 5 beta 7 firmware (build 9a5313e) to developers and it is now available to download for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. At this time not much is known about the iOS 5 beta 7 firmware updates besides the obvious bug fixes and stability improvements. As we are in the 7th phase of beta testing for the iOS 5 firmware one can assume that we are nearing a GM release for iOS 5.

In the past few days, apple has released the iOS 5 beta 6 and iTunes 10.6 beta 6.1  and also Musclenerd confirms the new version of Redsn0w 0.9.8b7 which is now available to download for iOS 4.3.5 including the iOS 5 beta.

iOS 5 Beta 7 is probably the very last snapshot of iOS 5′s development, pushing it closer to a final release, which is predicted to take place next month. While we haven’t had the chance to try out this new seed for ourselves yet, it’s expected to contain several stability and security improvements, making iOS 5 close to release quality.

The preferred way to download this update is installing it over-the-air (OTA) from the device itself, not through iTunes, in order to test this new updating method that was introduced back in iOS 5 Beta 2. In order to do this, simply head to Settings > General > Software Update. In a matter of minutes, iOS 5 Beta 7 should be loaded onto your device.


You will stills need a Apple Developer account In order to have access to this download, which is available for $99 per year, gives subscribers access to a wide range of development tools and documentation as well as, of course, pre-release builds of iOS.


In order to sync your device after you’ve installed iOS 5 beta 7, remember to update to iTunes 10.5 Beta 7, which is also available from Apple’s developer site. This update includes the needed changes to make iTunes compatible with the latest release of iOS.

With the release of iOS Beta 7  however, Apple is right and iTunes Match (for iOS) is a listen and download service, and not a streaming one. InsanelyGreatMac put together anew video of how things have changed with this latest release.

Songs that are played are now permanently downloaded to your iPhone, iPod or iPad library. Even if you skip past a song, the entire song is saved directly to your device. That means as you listen to music, songs are pulled from the iCloud and stored. The main distinction is that users may have to manually free up space over time. Once a song is deleted, it will again be available for download once again in the same manner.

Watch The Video in Action :


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