LimeSnow:iPhone 4 Unlock On New Baseband 02.10.04-05.15.01

We have an update here about a possible iPhone 4 unlock on new baseband 02.10.04 – 05.15.01 . This new Iphone 4 unlock is called LimeSn0w as you can see in the image below . Those who upgraded to iOS 4.1 without using the TinyUmbrella upgrade method , lost their unlock due to baseband upgrade.

limesn0w_unlock 4.1

Last day Geohot revealed the LimeRa1n jailbreak for iPhone 4 , only a few hours before the scheduled release of GreenPois0n. Maybe he will surprise us again with the unlock now .

Those on older baseband can now unlock their device using UltraSn0w Unlock method. We are expecting a carrier unlock from the Chronic Dev Team along with GreenPois0n which is delayed till iOS 4.2 release in November next month.

Good news for Iphone 4 Users who are still stuck with only the iPod feature of their phone , we are hoping a surprise release of LimeSn0w Unlock for Iphone 4 anytime now.


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