Root Your HTC Incredible S [How To tutorial]

Basically  HTC Incredible S is the touchscreen Smartphone which runs on Android 2.2 Froyo operating system launched by HTC Corporation.

No doubt, that HTC Incredible S has lots of followers and so many of their fans are already using this touchscreen Smartphone. But the HTC users are facing so many difficulties with the hassle procedure of rooting or customizing their phones. That is why instead of enjoying the features of HTC Incredible S, it seems like a type of burden for the users.


Now finally the users can root their HTC Incredible S but remember it is not at all confirmed that rooting is available for every Incredible S users. So don’t make any expectations from it before doing the rooting process.

As there are two types of rooting one is permanent rooting in which if you reboot the device, it will stay rooted and the other one is temporary rooting in which if you reboot the device, it will get unrooted. In HTC Incredible S the temporary type of rooting is done that means this Smartphone get unrooted after simply restarting the device.

The basic requirements before rooting your HTC Incredible S are computer which has LINUX or Windows operating system, your Smartphone and a USB Data cable and also remember that your device will be in “S-OFF” mode. Also remember that your device battery should be charged enough because if your device gets switched off your rooting process will be stop there and most importantly make the backups of all data before rooting.

HTC Incredible S consists of small screen, large battery, S-LCD screen and 1.3MP fixed-focus front-facing camera especially for video calling.

Steps to Root HTC Incredible S

  • Firstly check your device, if it is in S-OFF mode or not. You can do this by put the click on the menu and then go to the settings, then applications and finally to the turn off fast boot. Now turn off your device and hold volume down key and power button simultaneously for few seconds. This will reboot the phone and show you a white screen with some text. Now check the first line whether it is S-OFF or S-ON and also note down the number appeared next to HBOOT on the screen as you will need it later.
  • After checking download the Windows version of Revolutionary tool from “” website by using your computer and keep the browser Windows open.
  • Now extract the Zip file to a new folder using Winzip or winrar.
  • Then connect your device to the computer with the help of the USB data cable and also make sure that USB debugging is enabled on the phone.
  • Now open the extracted revolutionary folder and put the right click on the “revolutionary.exe” file.
  • Then select the “Run as administrator” and note down the provided key while running the program.
  • Now open the original revolutionary browser window and fill the information needed so that you get the second key and also use the HBOOT number noted before.
  • Then type the second key in the “Serial number” text box.
  • Now type “Y” to confirm that you want to flash clockwork.
  • After completion reboot your device and also check your phone that it is still in S-off mode.
  • Now download this file and copy the downloaded file to the root of your SD card.
  • Then unplug the USB cable and turn off your device.
  • Again hold the volume down and power button to start the HBOOT.
  • Now scroll down the choices until you highlight “Recovery” by using the volume down button and then press the power button to select that option.
  • Now enter ClockworkMod recovery mode.
  • Then select “install zip from SD card” from the options on the screen.
  • Now select “choose zip from SD card”.
  • Then select “”.
  • Now to confirm select “Yes – install”.
  • After the installation is finished go to the main menu and click reboot.
  • Finally you have done rooting.

Also remember that this rooting is done through Custom modded recovery and Custom rooted ROM.


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